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block is committed to giving back to the communities that we serve.


There is no doubt that the market has become saturated with document solutions alternatives. Buyers are left to wonder just what differentiates one service provider from the other. We are in an industry that deals in sophisticated technology that greatly enhances our clients’ business. But at block, we believe the human side of what we do every day is just as important. That’s why you’ll find that everyone from the president of block to our field service engineers to our administrative staff exhibit a special “block Commitment.” We believe you will not find a more dedicated, experienced, or sincere company to direct and service your business technology. If you are looking for commitment and performance, this is what you will find with block.

Our client’s do business with block because of our relentless pursuit to achieve Elite status in our industry. They appreciate the efforts we put into achieving certification as one of the top 100 business technology dealer’s in the country, which is reflected in the quality of services we provide them. Our selection to the PROs Elite 100 was made by an independent third party group that is made up of the Office Technology Industry Executives who co-wrote the industry service bench-marking model. I would encourage you to take a look at the Pros Elite dealers website, to get an appreciation for how hard this is to accomplish and what it means to you.